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Why buy a house in Normandy?

Why buy in Normandy !

Think of Normandy and images of cows grazing in orchards under the shade of the cider apple trees in full blossom come to mind ; or the undulating countryside which reminds you of whatever part of the UK you come from (but about 30 years ago!). You think of a more relaxed way of life, shopping at traditonal farmers’ markets and eating the local produce over a leisurely 2 hour lunch with a baguette and a good bottle of red or regional cider. All those things are true but on a practical side here is why you should buy your property in Normandy.

  1. Accessibility – We are spoilt for choice in Normandy. There is easy access via ferry to Caen Ouistreham, Cherbourg Octeville, Saint Malo or Le Havre. There are airports in Caen Carpiquet, Deauville St Gatien, Rennes and Dinard. You can take the Eurostar from the UK and arrive in comfort in Paris and either hire a car or continue your journey by train. Or you could drive down from the Channel Tunnel.
  2. Climate – A couple of degrees warmer than the south of England in the summer and a couple of degrees colder in winter. But with seasons and fresh air !

  3. Prices – Cost of living works out about the same as the UK but you have space to be self-sufficient and grow your own ! Hopefully you will be able to afford to come here with no mortgage and certainly your rates will be cheaper. And then there is affordability of property, especially right now, with low prices and plenty of properties to choose from. A client of mine who has just moved from Kent thanked me recently and said « I can’t believe we have bought this beautiful 3 bedroom house, double garage, 1 bedroom gîte and an acre garden and a Camping Car for less than a 1 bedroom flat would have been in the UK » ! And that, to me, says it all !4. Things to see and do – Here you are spoilt for choice with activities every weekend and often free ! There is the UNESCO heritage site of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and the D-Day landing beaches, the famous Bayeux Tapestry and numerous pretty towns and villages with varying styles of architecture to please everyone. The coastline is uncrowded and so are the roads to get there.

For me Normandy wins every time – why not come and find out why ?

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