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We have had a lot of enquiries, in particular from British nationals, about how to go about obtaining a VISA and the various questions surrounding this.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any advice on the VISA application process, requirements or comment on individual circumstances.

However, we can provide you with some useful links so that you can do your own research, specific to your situation. These include articles and Facebook groups.

We have found these links to be very helpful. We have also included the French and British Government’s website for ease of reference.

They are as follows:-

Complete Guide to French Visas: Live, Work, & Study in France…/question-and-answer…/…/france/entry-requirements…/moving-to-france-%e2%80…/

How To Move To France Post Brexit – Facebook Group

We also thought you may like some more information about obtaining a mortgage for your French property. We have found this link to be very detailed and helpful.

How Are Rising Interest Rates Affecting French Mortgages?


We hope this is helpful to those that are currently researching living in France full-time.

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