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Paris Olympics 2024 – Normandy’s Participation

The Summer Olympics will be hosted in Paris this year from Friday 26 July to 11 August 2024. This will be followed by the Paralympics from 28 August to 8 September 2024. As you would expect, preparations are well underway! This will be the biggest event that France has ever organised. This will no doubt be a spectacular event showcasing France in all its glory – in much the same way as is done for the Tour de France, which will seem like a small cycle meet in comparison to the organisation of this event!

So, what part does Normandy have to play in this sporting event which will be watched by millions worldwide? Notably the Olympic Torch will pass (“Le Relais de la Flamme Olympique”) through many towns in the Manche, Calvados and the other departments of Normandy.  All Departments of France were invited to submit their candidature to have the torch pass through their department.  Not only that, the games in keeping with its inclusive spirit, is an event with which the whole of France could participate. With that in mind, France became the only country in the history of the games that has created an initiative called ‘Terre de Jeux’ literally translated as ‘Land of Games’. Local authorities are actively promoting participation in sport at all levels.

The Normandy Tourism website explains further:-

“From the bid phase, the Paris 2024 organisation team made it clear – these Games would be for the whole of France. With the Terre de Jeux 2024 label, the promise has been honoured. This initiative, the only one of its kind in the history of the Games, recognises local authorities taking action to promote more developed and inclusive participation in sport, at town and regional levels, and engages with various stakeholders in the sporting movement.

This label has already been awarded to 58 towns and cities in Normandy, highlighting their commitment to increasing the reach of sport in France. The organisations that receive this label are committed to developing actions to promote sport and the Games with local residents. “

We are delighted to say that the Olympic Torch will be passing by some of the nearest towns to us on this route which will be in Granville and Villedieu Les Poêles. A little further afield, you will be able to see the torch pass by in Caen and Bayeux. Please do check out the full map details in the links below. It will also be travelling outside of France to some of the French islands eg. La Réunion and others.

For ease of reference, and if you are in the area at this time, the Olympic Torch will pass by:-

Villedieu-Les-Poêles at 15 H and Granville at 16 h 10 on 31 May .

We have mentioned both Bayeux and Caen above who will host various events as well as other venues throughout France. Caen plays host to the Equestrian events at Omaha Beach (also fitting given the 80th D-Day Anniversary commemorations), the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, the Canadian Olympic, the Open Water Swimming team, the Refugee Olympic Swimming and Rowing teams. They will be joined by Deauville and Bayeux in welcoming these teams with Bayeux also housing the International Olympic Committee. A dedicated effort by these towns ensured that they will play a pivotal role in these Olympics and will put the Calvados and Manche regions firmly on the International Map.

Whilst many of the most popular events are sold out, there are still many tickets up for grabs for the fringe sports together with hospitality tickets available on line. You can simply select which region of France you would like to see the Olympics and see what tickets are available. The link to purchase tickets is below.

We hope you enjoyed this insight as to Normandy’s role in the Paris Olympics 2024.

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