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My French Secretary

Allow us to introduce Christie Pearce – a behind the scenes, very important, member of our team!

Christie set up her own business last year to assist clients that need help navigating the French Administration system. She is responsible for the after care service for our clients that have purchased a property and do not, as yet, have the language abilities to arrange such tasks as, changing account names on utility providers, opening bank accounts, arranging insurance and so much more! The range of requests vary enormously and Christie will always find a solution and get the job done.

Christie is based in the UK but speaks fluent French as she was schooled here in Sourdeval. Oh and she happens to be Suzanne’s daughter! So you can be assured that her level of professionalism, work ethic and dedication matches that of her mothers!

Christie says…

My name is Christie, and I am the daughter of Suzanne (in France!). I moved to France with my family at the age of eight, embarking on an exciting journey that allowed us to enjoy more space and a peaceful life in a charming village surrounded by horses, dogs, and the vibrant French culture. At eighteen, I returned to the UK, seeking a more fast-paced lifestyle and social opportunities I felt I had missed out on. However, with time, I have come to appreciate the incredible opportunity we had to live in such a beautiful place.

My childhood in France was idyllic and very different from growing up in the UK. I quickly learned French, thanks to the lessons provided by my school, and soon found myself seamlessly switching between French and English. Returning to the UK at eighteen was driven by a desire for change and to explore what I believed I had missed.

I established my business because I recognized a need among people moving to France—many of whom struggle with the language, processes, or simply lack the time to manage everything. While I was fortunate to have a mother fluent in French who handled our family’s administrative tasks, others might not have that advantage. My passion for helping people and my deep understanding of French culture and language led to the creation of My French Secretary.


One of the aspects I love most about my job is the variety and the challenges it presents. I enjoy tackling new problems and finding solutions for my clients. Although I miss my mother and the laid-back, tranquil lifestyle of France, including the open spaces and rolling fields, I find solace in living in a beautiful part of the UK that closely resembles rural Normandy. I miss the sounds of crickets on warm summer nights, the serene roads, the July 14th celebrations, market days, and the overall relaxed lifestyle. Visiting Normandy during school holidays is important to me, as it allows my young son to immerse himself in the culture and experience the peace it offers.

Growing up in France and navigating the French educational and administrative systems have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to assist others. My genuine care for helping people and my love for a good challenge are the driving forces behind my business. Hearing about my clients’ success in their new lives brings me immense joy, knowing that I have played a part in making their transition smoother and helping them achieve their dream of a peaceful life.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking my dogs, discovering new beautiful places, socializing with friends, spending time by the sea, and creating memories with my loved ones.

For anyone dealing with French administration, my advice is to be well-informed or seek expert advice. There are many important tasks, such as the ‘declaration d’occupation’ for French property owners, that are not always obvious but crucial to avoid fines. The French lifestyle is more relaxed compared to the UK, which includes long lunches and leisurely approaches to getting things done. Therefore, it is wise to start processes well in advance, as they may take longer than expected in France.

You can contact Christie at

She can also be found on her Facebook PageInstagram Page or over on her website My French Secretary

We are confident that you will find her service to be professional, reliable and good value for money.

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