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Le Bény Bocage

Le Bény Bocage is situated in the Calvados region of Normandy and comes under the postcode 14350. It is situated in the heart of what is commonly known as the ‘bocage virois’ that is to say, the bocage of Vire and the surrounding areas.

The communes in this bocage became one in 2018 and were given the new name of Souleuvre en Bocage. These include the following villages which you are able to click and discover via the commune’s website.

Le Bény-Bocage lies at the heart of the Vire Bocage, on a hillside facing south-west and bordered by the Souleuvre river and just like our other towns and villages that we sell in and around – there are plenty of things to see and do and with the added bonus of being close enough to Vire and less than an hour away from Caen.

In Bény-Bocage itself you have a lake and skate park bowl so something for teens to expend their energy. After an afternoon’s stroll you may wish to stumble upon the Irish Pub that is renowned for live music on various nights. You can tuck into an Irish/English Breakfast for lunch. For the evenings, it serves traditional fayre such as fish and chips, pies and, of course, Guinness!

A wonderful attraction for both tourists and locals alike is a visit to the Souleuvre Viaduct – it is just 7 kilometres away set in beautiful surroundings but also home to thrill seekers! Here you can bungee jump off the viaduct and partake in many other activities to make you scream. There is something for all ages – a luge, a bare foot garden, high ropes through the trees and a train that can take you down to the bottom of the viaduct and back up if you have mobility issues. Even if you are not partaking in the many different levels of thrill seeking, it makes for a wonderful day out just watching.


A little further, 25 kilometres away, you will discover underground caves! A great way to spend a thoroughly enjoyable few hours. Don some hard hats, wellies and off you go. Who would have thought that we would have caves in Normandy?!

The area that is now known as Souleuvre en Bocage was liberated by the British in World War II – Normandy is steeped in history not least the World War II history. The operation to liberate this area was called ‘Operation Bluecoat’ and there is a quaint little museum depicting the history and how it was carried out. This museum is based in Saint-Martin-des-Besaces and is approximately 10km from Le Bény Bocage. You can find all the links to the places we have written about below.

Their website says :

The Museum of La Percée du Bocage is a place of remembrance dedicated to the British soldiers who fought to liberate the Bocage during Operation Bluecoat in late July 1944. This operation led to the encirclement of the German 7th Army in the Falaise Pocket in August.

Through eight museographic spaces and a sound and light show, come and relive the astonishing adventure of the combatants and the daily life of the inhabitants during the Occupation from 1939 to 1944. With the collections regularly enriched by veterans and their families, immerse yourself in the action of this great feat of arms that changed the course of history.

Well worth a visit and you will really get a feel for the area that is the bocage. Of course, being in the Bocage you are never too far from Vire – which we have written about here.

You will also find The Museum of Vire which explores the history of the bocage throughout the years and is situation in the 18th century Hôtel-Dieu.

Finally, if you haven’t been worn out with all the various activities and sites to see in and around the Bocage, then please do not miss a full day out at Jurques Zoo which is just 12 kilometres from Le Bény Bocage. It is set in wonderful surroundings and, in particular, there is a mountain goat enclosure which has bee created as such and has a wonderful viewing platform.

We hope you enjoyed this insight into Le Bény Bocage and the surrounding bocage.



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