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Healthcare In Normandy

France is well known for its excellent healthcare system, which is funded through social security and taxes, and here, in the lower part of Normandy, which covers departments 14, 61 and 50 we are fortunate to have access to hospitals and centres which provide a vast array of services from day case surgery to speciality cancer care.

Hospitals in France can be divided into public and private facilities, with residents being able to choose which one to use depending on their preferences and requirements.

Public hospitals are funded by the State and can be found in varying sizes across Normandy. These comprise of:

Les centres hospitaliers universitaires (CHU) – University hospitals

These hospitals provide an extensive range of services and deal with complex medical cases. They are associated with medical schools and serve as teaching hospitals. The CHU in Caen for example has over 1500 beds.

Les centres hospitaliers (CH) – General hospitals

They offer a broad spectrum of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, and various specialities. They serve as general healthcare hubs for their local area. They can be found in Vire, Avranches, Granville, Flers, La Ferté Macé, St Lo, Bayeux and many other locations throughout Normandy.

Les hôpitaux locaux (HL) – Local hospitals

These provide limited services such as outpatient appointments, elderly care etc such as those in Mortain, Villedieu les Poêles.

Les centres hospitaliers spécialisés (CHS) – Speciality hospitals

Such as Psychiatric hospitals which can be found in St Lo and Caen.

Private hospitals in Normandy are called a clinique or hôpital privé and can provide additional services and amenities such as private rooms and shorter waiting times. There are many of these in our area, including the Clinique Notre Dame in Vire, the Hôpital Privé de la Baie in Avranches and the Hôpital Privé St Martin in Caen.

It’s not necessarily more expensive to have treatment at a clinic compared to a public hospital and whichever you choose Assurance Maladie will treat the charges in the same way. Something to be aware of, is that although a clinic does not always charge more than a public hospital, they have the right to set their own fees above those of Assurance Maladie.

Caen also boasts a specialist cancer hospital called the Le Centre François Baclesse. It is one of 18 major cancer centres in France.

Another specialty sector is that is that of the MPR (La médecine physique et de readaptation). These facilities offer day or inpatient care for rehabilitation after a serious illness or major operation.

There is one in Granville called Le Normandy.

Whatever your healthcare needs in the lower part of Normandy has an excellent array of facilities available.



Thank you to Juile Wilson for writing this very informative article on the healthcare available in Normandy. Julie is based here in Lower Normandy, not far from our office in Sourdeval. You can also contact her on her Facebook page should you require any assistance with your medical needs here in Normandy.

“Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Julie and 13 years ago I moved from the UK, setting up home in France with my husband and two children. I’m fluent in French and have a medical background; as a nurse in both the NHS and Queen Alexander’s Royal Naval Nursing Service. I’ve also provided care for the elderly in France. So, if you are finding the French healthcare system a bit daunting and don’t know where to turn – I am here to help you.”

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