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We were very excited to announce, in March this year, (2023) that we are now able to offer our clients the opportunity to sell their property via Auction.

We already offer an unrivalled service by ensuring properties are seen by an international audience.

We, of course, have the traditional method of selling your property – via our beautifully presented office in the local high street (Sourdeval) but most of our sales are generated on line. We have a prolific presence on all our social media platforms, not to mention our very popular YouTube channel. We have sold many houses without the buyer even seeing the property beforehand!

We are constantly evolving and when you choose Suzanne in France you are choosing the right Real Estate Agency to market your property. The buyer will also receive a first class after sales service. It does not end once you have purchased a property from us – our multilingual, small, dynamic team are here to ensure that the whole process is as smooth as possible.

We are the only Real Estate Agency in Normandy, France that can now sell your property via overseas Auction in conjunction with our UK partners – Town and Country Property Auctions based in Chester, England. We entrusted this very important partnership with this forward thinking company, as we believe they share the same values and ethos as ourselves. We are delighted to say that our first property was successfully sold at Auction in July this year (2023). So without further ado, we will explain how this process works, together with all relevant links at the bottom of this page.

How Does It Work?

The properties we put up for auction are listed for one day and for 2 hours. They are also listed separately on our website. For example, our first property auction was on 20 July 2023 and bidders could start bidding at 10.00 am UK time with bidding ending at 12.00 pm UK time. We promote the property and generate interest leading up to this date. The property would have already been listed on our website and all social media platforms, so we would already have all the relevant paperwork, diagnostics etc.

We also list your property via our partners website – Town and Country Property Auctions who will also be promoting the property to their audience in the UK and via their international portals on Rightmove and Zoopla.

You can set a reserve for your property ensuring that you get the minimum amount you expect to receive. Naturally, this could go for much more.

What are the fees involved?

As the seller, there are no fees involved. The buyer will pay the auction fees. This is also the case when a buyer purchases a house in France – they will pay the Real Estate Agency fees together with the Notaires fees.

Why should I sell my property at Auction?

The process is quick, efficient and you could sell for a much higher price than you anticipated especially if you have a bidding competition. You will have a captivated audience, insofar as, there will not be any time wasters.  Bidders have to register their intent to bid. They must go through rigorous checks (passport auction account) to ensure that they have the means to purchase the property.

They will also have to put down a 10% deposit in order that they can bid. If the bid is not successful this is returned. The fee to buy via auction is called the ‘buyers premium’ which is 5% of the agreed sale price minimum of 5,000. They also have to put down the percentage of the purchase price once bidding has ended. To go through all of these checks, plus putting down a deposit means the person looking to purchase your property is serious. They do have a 10 day cooling off period to reconsider which is standard practice and should be expected.

The whole process of selling your property can take as little as 28 days. We will use an English speaking Notaire to complete the sale of your property.

What does the buyer gain from the Auction

The buyer will have all the information that any purchaser would have if they were to buy in the traditional manner. They can also visit the property should they so wish. They will have access to the detailed information on our website, video tour, diagnostics etc. All this information is readily available on our website and social media platforms but it also all in one place on the Town and Country Auctions website. Not only that, the purchaser is free to phone us to discuss the property at any time.

Given our long standing and trusted reputation – the buyer will have total confidence that any specific defects or problems will be pointed out. We are always open and transparent so there will be no hidden surprises. The buyer may also get a bargain and pay less than they would have done ordinarily and equally bought a property due to the ease of the whole process – something they may have put off doing beforehand. We have sold many properties via our YouTube Channel alone whereby the purchaser has never visited the property. They have trusted in us with the information we have given. The Auction process is not dissimilar.


We hope this explains the benefits of selling and buying your property via Auction. For further details, here is a link to our partners Town and Country’s and the guidebook about buying in France.


You can click on guidebook within this link which will give all the details








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