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A look back at 2019

Despite fears of the dreaded “B” word the property market in Normandy has been buoyant in 2019 both to French and Anglophone buyers.  This has been helped by the lowest recorded mortgage rates in France, which are usually fixed for the term of the mortgage.  As usual the majority of sales in this area are under 150,000€ but that can buy a lot of property!

There was a rush of buyers wanting to complete their purchases before the end of March, then October 2019 and now there is a new rush for the end of January 2020.  With suggestions that if you are able to be legally resident in France before the end of the transition period you should be able to retain your current EU rights to live and work in France and benefit from the healthcare system for yourself and your family, I expect to see a continued strong demand for French property from British buyers.

Housing in France is often more affordable than in the UK and many of my clients in the over 55 age group are buying to future proof their retirement as they are not financially able to stop working in the UK.  Other clients are buying property here to provide a European base for their UK business or moving here and commuting back to the UK.  Many are working remotely for UK companies or running their own businesses.  Others will continue to buy a property to enjoy during their holidays or even look to renting it out to cover the running costs.

Being based in the southern area of Normandy clients have excellent transport links back to the UK, whilst living in a stunning area with undulating countryside, beautiful beaches  and plenty of clean air and space!  There is a sense of peace in the rural areas and it is much less commercialised than the UK with plenty to do throughout the year.

Is 2020 your year to make the move?  Whatever you decide I hope that you and your families have a very enjoyable Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.



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