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Our fees

In France, fees are usually paid by the buyer (depending on the clause in the Mandat de Vente) on completion of the purchase. The buyer also pays for the Notaire’s fees (please ask us to obtain a quote for you).

Suzanne in France charges fees based on the purchase price of your property, using  a sliding scale as shown below.

Suzanne in France may receive renumeration from associated service providers.

How fees are calculated

The following example is based on a sale price of €75,000

On the part less than or equal to €30,00010%€30,000 x 10% = €3,000
On the part between €30,001 and €50,0008%€20,000 x 8% = €1,600
On the part between €50,001 and €100,0007%€25,000 x 7% = €1,750
On the part greater than €100,0006%n/a
TOTAL = €6,350
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